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What does it mean to
"envision my market
and market
my vision

Who do you think would benefit from your products or services?  Define your perfect client or customer with as many details as you can imagine.

You have a product or service that you believe in.  This commodity is something that your perfect customer will want. You know If they only knew about your business, they would easily become your next client.  Your business would grow in leaps and bounds.  You would have to hire more people just to keep up with the demand.  Etc. Etc.

But the reality is that you still have to find your perfect customer, then tell them about your business.  You have to paint them a picture.  You need to make your future client want what you have to sell.

Finding just the right words and the perfect images to brand your company is so much easier when you know who you are talking to. With each detail you add to your customer's profile, you come closer to putting a large bullseye on that target .  This vision of your business and how to fill the needs of your perfect client with a message that is tailored to their profile is called Target Markeing. 

Power Presentations & Graphics can shape the images and provide the words that will help you to "envision your market and market your vision".


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